Conjugate Italian Verbs

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Italian Verbs

To conjugate any Italian verb, simply enter the infinitive (e.g. essere, avere, abitare) of the verb in the box labelled: Verb to Conjugate,
select a Form (Active, Passive, or Reflexive) from the menu, and then select a Verb Tense from the 21 options listed.

Click Submit when you are ready to conjugate the verb.

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Italian Vocabulary

Verb to Conjugate:   Form:   

Indicative (Indicativo) Present (Presente)
Imperfect (Imperfetto)
Simple Past (Passato remoto)
Future (Futuro semplice)
Perfect (Passato prossimo)
Recent Pluperfect (Trapassato prossimo)
Remote Pluperfect (Trapassato remoto)
Future Perfect (Futuro anteriore)
Subjunctive (Congiuntivo) Present (Presente)
Imperfect (Imperfetto)
Past (Passato)
Pluperfect (Trapassato)
Conditional (Condizionale) Present (Presente) Past (Passato)
Imperative (Imperativo) Present (Presente)

Participle (Participio) Present (Presente) Past (Passato)
Gerund (Gerundio) Present (Presente) Past (Passato)
Infinitive (Infinito) Present (Presente) Past (Passato)
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